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Born: December 14, 1965 in Roswell, New Mexico, USA

Started out as a doll sculptor winning multiple awards in Alaska and New Mexico to include the Santa Fe Doll Art. Studied in Media Design & Production, Theatrical Make-up, Hair Design and Costuming to become a digital fantasy artist.

Rhonda creates the costumes, hair and make-up for her models to include the props and scene designs for her photo shoots. She is a published artist.
Vamanos!(Front Cover) June 2007
Vamanos!(Front Cover) June 2008
Vamanos!(Front Cover) October 2008
Ren Faire Magazine June 2008
Faerie Magazine, November 2008
Alamogordo Newpaper 2005-2008, Multiple Articles
Skyline Design. LLC. Fantasy Calendars, for 2007-2008

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Rhonda R. Napoleon

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A Selection of artwork by Rhonda R. Napoleon
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