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A lover of fantasy, myth, legends, and their magic, when added to everyday life....Carol has drawn & painted bewitched imaginings & other subjects since, well, ....forever! When asked, she'll tell you..."If my scribbles and doodles invite YOU into forgotten realms or playful landscapes, I'm indeed honored! That IS my ploy after all, to charm you to enchanted places to reaffirm your own belief! Come flirt with the magical side of life; it makes the ordinary side SO MUCH more fun! And, maybe you'll be inspired to pick up a paintbrush yourself!"

One of Carol's earliest childhood memories, is glimpsing a faery! It occurred at a favorite dream spot; the shade of a cherry tree in gloriously full pink blossom!! She returned to that spot faithfully day-after-day, hell-bent on recapturing that meeting (pickle-jar in-hand), and she DID recapture drawings and dreams. She KNEW she'd seen that faery, KNEW she never wanted to be so "grown-up" that she'd abandon the faery hunt !

A self-taught artist, crayons and lipstick-on-the-walls as a child, gave way to pencil, charcoal, pastels, pen & ink, and later, watercolors....on paper. Her bookcases sag with multi-genre art books pored over through the years, many favorites by the pre-Raphaelite masters. The fantasy art bug re-bit most seriously one day, while lost in the wonderful Brian Froud book, Faeries, which caused her cherry tree memories to flood back! Later, drawing a sketch of her daughter, and by what hand--she's not sure, the sketch took on a life of it's own, becoming (POOF!) a faery rendition! A bewitching spell seems to have been cast by Sir Froud...she's been painting fantasy creatures ever since!


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Carol Ochs


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Some artists featured in Fantasy Artists are in Fairies World® produced books, written and presented by David Riche
The Art of Faery with foreword by Brian Froud
Watercolour Fairies an inspirational guide to drawing and painting the fairy realm
World of Faery The follow up to The Art of Faery
500 Fairy Motifs New small-format book, featuring the creations of the best artists working in the US, Europe and Japan.
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A Selection of Artwork by Carol Ochs Fantasy Artist
Copyright© 2003 Carol Ochs Fantasy Artist Copyright© 2003 Carol Ochs Fantasy Artist Copyright© 2003 Carol Ochs Fantasy Artist
Copyright© 2003 Carol Ochs Fantasy Artist Copyright© 2003 Carol Ochs Fantasy Artist Copyright© 2003 Carol Ochs Fantasy Artist
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